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So you have your first bottle..


Thank you for your purchase of HAIRMETTO. We understand the importance of healthy hair and scalp and we are excited that you have chosen this all-natural, botanical oil blend - feeding your roots with the nourishment they need to thrive and grow, without harmful chemicals or drug-related side effects.

Whether you want to soothe dry scalp, thicken and strengthen the hair you have, or promote regrowth of thinning hair, your success is important to us.

Getting Started

If you have recently begun to notice thinning hair, you may know that the opportunity for the most success with regrowth is treating it as soon as possible. The length of time follicles have remained dormant may affect the length of time needed to nourish it back to health. Therefore we encourage you to begin immediately and not to give up. For a weak hair follicle to be replaced with a healthier hair strand often requires many months before anything can be noticed because hair grows so slowly.

On the other hand, If you have already noticed hair loss for many years, perhaps you may be pleased with halting any further loss and nourishing the hair you have. Through patience and consistency many have found even up to 9-12 months later, new growth becomes visible. Yes, regardless of the length of time, your efforts will be rewarded with visibly healthier hair. Your hair is going to love this!

How To Use:

Gently massage HAIRMETTO into the roots each night. Use enough to ensure root coverage, but not so much that it drips. Many use a bandana or sleep with a covering over their pillowcase. By morning, most of the oil will have been absorbed into your skin, ensuring effective delivery to each follicle. Remember, hair loss does not happen quickly, and restoring weak, brittle hair follicles back to health will take time. (Some who prefer to not sleep with it in, apply it to their scalp a few hours in the evening instead. The idea is to allow time for the oils to penetrate the follicles, so a few hours is needed).

Do not be surprised if the weak hair falls away after you begin treatment. This is a normal and necessary step in the hair growth phase, only this time the roots are nourished and have the best opportunity to produce healthy, strong growth in its place.

“I've been on this product for only a month & I'm in disbelief on the positive effectiveness. I've used countless natural products in their pure form during my journey and nothing comes close to Hairmetto. As a last desperate move i tried minoxidil 4 months ago & it worked well, but the rare side effects hit me, dizziness, tiredness, mind fog, etc.! I had bought Hairmetto & stored it away as a backup after I discovered it during minoxidil use. 1 week after quitting minoxidil my hair shed crazy and thinned out fast. I waited 2 weeks & started Hairmetto & within 7 days i noticed a difference in thickness. Fast forward today, I cannot believe how thick my hair has gotten on the crown, & growing, the results are coming in just as it was with minoxidil, but with zero side effects! WOW... I don't know if its the extraction method Hairmetto uses that makes it so effective, I've tried some of the ingredients listed in Hairmetto in the past to nowhere near this result. As for me the product is working, I cant say everyone will experience the same. I also always massage my scalp as a routine.
Thank you"

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Since healthy scalp and hair begin with proper nourishment, feeding yourself from the inside makes sense.

Here are a few suggestions to incorporate into your daily routine for your overall health benefits and to fully support healthy hair growth:

  • Supplement with Vitamins B, D, H (Biotin), and Omega 3 Fish Oils.

  • Use a gentle, all-natural shampoo. Harsh ones can dry out your scalp, counteracting any positive results.

  • Avoid use of multiple styling products, as many contain chemicals and can clog pores if not washed thoroughly.

  • Include vegetables as a part of your daily diet and reduce sugar and junk food intake.

  • Incorporate beneficial lifestyle changes where needed: get proper sleep, exercise to increase blood circulation, avoid sun damage to the scalp, avoid tobacco and other harmful substances, and manage/reduce stress.

  • Daily massage your scalp to improve circulation and give your follicles the best opportunity to receive the topical nourishment.

We wish you continued success and would love to hear from you.

“Discover the unique benefits of HAIRMETTO without side-effects”